The grant is usually paid in two instalments, at least 70% once all of the initial paperwork has been sent to the Erasmus Co-ordinator and the remainder at the end of the period abroad after the student has submitted their final report. The grant will be paid in pounds sterling into a UK bank account.


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It is related to the number of days you spend abroad for your studies or internship. The amount is linked to your country of destination. Types of grant The grant may take the following form: reimbursement of a specified proportion of the eligible costs actually incurred: e.g. the amount awarded under Key Action 1 mobility actions to cover costs for providing a financial guarantee.

Erasmus grant amount

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For UK students, this normally applies if your annual household income is £25,000 or less. A first part will be paid out in cash at the beginning of their stay. There is no special procedure to apply for this grant. The amount depends on the home country of the incoming student (i.e. of his/her home institution).

Eligible students receive an Erasmus+ grant provided by the European Commission - this is paid through your institution. This grant contributes towards the extra costs that you may encounter from studying abroad. For 2018/19 the grant can be up to €300 to €350 a month, depending on the country you visit.

All Erasmus students are entitled to the Erasmus mobility grant. The grant is not means-tested and does not affect students' entitlements to other grants, such as SUSI, Back to Education, etc. The monthly grant amount for AY 2020/21 is €300 or €350, depending on the host country, and the total grant is calculated based on the semester dates at the host university.

An Erasmus grant provides financial support to assist with additional expenses such as ordinarily, non-living expenses like travel costs. The Erasmus grant amount may vary from each academic year so please check the relevant amounts below for the country that will be hosting you.

Special support for severely disabled and students with children Show  Amount. The level of the Erasmus+ grant changes every year. For 2021-2022 the amount per month depends on the country where you are going to study. The  Erasmus+ grants are available for students who undertake either a period of for study and a maximum of an academic year (for study) or 12 months (for work). The Erasmus+ Programme is a European funding programme established in for a period of at least 2 months and maximum 12 months per cycle of studies. To see monthly Erasmus grant for each country please click here.

Erasmus grant amount

Grant Agreement Erasmus+ Student Mobility for Studies and Traineeships  En essäberättelse om Erasmus av Rotterdam, humanismen och 1500-talets John N. Grant och Betty I. Knott, Toronto 2006 – Letters 1 to 141, 1484 to 1500,  judinna trots att hon kom från en familj som hette Grant (vilket fick Ferguson exportföretag och hon bara andraårselev vid Erasmus High School i Brooklyn,  Träsnittet ”Eva i narrskeppet”, ur Josse Bades La grant nefdes folles selon les vi är framme vid Erasmus av Rotterdam och de tidiga humanisterna har narren  studerande med familj som du hittar lägst ner på denna sida och lämna in den tillsammans med din Erasmus Grant Agreement till internationella koordinatorn. Denna datamängd innehåller en statistisk översikt över Erasmusmobilitet för studenter (studieutbyten och praktik) och personal (undervisningsuppdrag och  The grant is intended as a contribution to costs while studying, working, teaching or training abroad. Student grant rates For the academic year 2020-21, the grant equates to €130 more per month than the minimum amount set by the European Commission. The monthly grant amount for AY 2020/21 is €300 or €350, depending on the host country, and the total grant is calculated based on the semester dates at the host university. What to do to receive the Erasmus mobility grant The Erasmus mobility grant is paid in two instalments by bank transfer.
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Erasmus grant amount

A first part will be paid out in cash at the beginning of their stay. There is no special procedure to apply for this grant.

Students participating in an INK exchange will instead of a Nordplus, Erasmus or Linnaeus grant, receive a smaller grant from Karolinska Institutet.
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you will be asked to give information about the amount of the EU grant you request; 

apply for Erasmus+ or Leonardo grant for an internship (250 Euro per month). Ansökan ska bestå av CV och personligt brev (max en A4) på svenska eller  The amount of places for the different universities varies from only a Erasmus grants (360-420 per month) are available for exchange studies  I handled forensic amounts of biological samples in a meticulous work environment. I provided insights Erasmus Grant, through Karolinska Institute. Erasmus  2 months The idea with the Erasmus + traineeship scholarship is that it for participation and presentation at an international research conference (max SEK).

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Impact of COVID-19 on Erasmus Mundus Masters Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, few EMJMDs have decided to postpone the 2020 intake to the year 2021 and consequently all subsequent intakes by one year. As a result, these EMJMDs are unlikely to have scholarships available in 2021.

The scholarship should cover additional costs  Stipendium för utbytesstudier inom Europa (Erasmus+) KTH Internationella relationer och Erasmus+ erbjuder en reseersättning om max 190 € (ca 2.000 kr) till  Erasmus+ är ett europeiskt stipendieprogram som finansieras av EU-kommissionen. Syftet med stipendiet är att underlätta för studenter i Europa att studera. Erasmus+ är EU:s program för internationellt samarbete och utbyte inom utbildning, ungdom och idrott. Max två resdagar kan räknas som arbetsdagar. Din lön behåller "Daily grant" betalas enligt Lnu:s traktamentesregler. The grant lasts for a maximum of five months. In my case, after having justified by B2 English language level, I received the Erasmus+ grant from the Ministry and  The project has support from the Erasmus +, Intercultural competence in VET for Double funding for Erasmus programme New Erasmus+ grant for mobility  ERASMUS är EU:s studentutbytesprogram (grundat 1987) och Finland har deltagit sedan läsåret Fyll i SoleGrant (i SoleMove) för att kunna få stipendium av oss.